Helping Young Adults Thrive in the Gospel 
A 4-part Leadership Series with Dr. Rob Ferrell
April 7-10
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Dr. Rob Ferrell

Dr. Robert Ferrell has served as an elders quorum president, high councilor, YSA bishop, and YSA stake president, and has presented at firesides and conferences—including BYU Education Week—about connecting with young single adults. He grew up in the Bay Area of California but lives in Mountain Green, Utah, and is a periodontist working in the Ogden area. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a doctoral degree in dental surgery, and he and his wife are the parents of nine children.
The Leading Saints podcast interview with Rob Ferrell is the #1 most downloaded episode in the history of the podcast.
This free online event includes 4 separate presentations by Rob Ferrell that were previously recorded in front of a live audience. Beginning on April 7, we will show one presentation a day. Each presentation will be available to view for 24-hours.
What You'll Learn from Rob Ferrell's Presentation:


  • Connection first followed by doctrine to help YSA succeed in the gospel
  • Avoiding the gospel to-do list so that people don't give up
  • How to rely on the Spirit to change those we lead

Doctrines vs. Behaviors

  • It's crucial that we focus on doctrine before behavior, we often do the opposite
  • Preoccupation with negative behavior leads to negative behavior
  • How to get Young Adults to correct sources

Invite Authentic Love

  • Focus on the love of the Savior long before answering any faith challenging questions
  • Understanding the real reason why so many young adults are walking away from the Church
  • The most powerful way to define "being worthy"

Building Others Through Ordinances & the Sacrament

  • How to use the restriction of ordinances to encourage rather than shame
  • Seek for exceptions to the rule rather than condemnation by the rule
  • The Biggest Mistake YSA Ward Make: Meet & Mingle
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